Keep your cool whilst hosting the best Christmas party to date this year in our D.I.W.O Pro Fashion Pants.

We say cool, because the fabric is intelligently designed to move heat from inside, out, so you can carry on your merry way keeping your guests champagne glasses topped up.

Made from a Rhodia Polyamide, which we like to call Smart Yarn, the DNA of this patented new to world fabric contains bioactive minerals to beautify your skin with wear! The minerals will work to make your skin beautiful the more you wear them. You’ll notice the more you wear, your skin becoming smoother, skin surface imperfections vanishing, an increase in skin elasticity and even a reduction in cellulite!

Yes, even CELLULITE! We know it sounds almost too good to be true, but we’ve put these to the test ourselves and been overjoyed with the results. It is no coincidence that our D.I.W.O.® PRO fashion pants are one of our best sellers!

The gorgeous Kate from Kat the Label is graciously gifting our Freddy babe giveaway winner a very special piece from her lingerie collection which we know will be such a coveted prize.

We caught up with Kate the founder of Kat the Label to ask her a few questions about her unique and fiercely feminine lingerie label who we’ve been wearing and loving. Her label is something we can never seem to get enough of, and we always look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.



1. Do you have any rituals when it comes to coming up with a design? E.g a specific tea you enjoy drinking must always be on hand, a specific pencil/pen or sketchpad.

I always start my design process glass of wine in hand, on my balcony (pending Melbourne's weather of course!). I find its a nice place to sit and think without any distractions. I always use the same sketch pad so I can develop previous ideas and everything is kept in one place.

2. What’s on your Christmas list this year?

This year I need a new hair straightener! It’s been a while since the last one blew up. 

3. What can we look forward to in terms of product drops in future? Any new collections we can hear about here first - any specific colours or themes?

I am currently working on a new range to drop in March, its all top secret at the moment but there will be more intricate straps and metals trims. Will be sticking to our usual theme of a classic black and white colour palette.

4. How can you wear a bralette with an outfit? Any kind of fashion tips to pass on to those who are looking to try for the first time.

I have a few ways I love to wear my bralettes. Top favourite would be with a low cut top and lace trim of the bralette peeking out the top, followed by a low sided garment so you get a peek at the side of the bralette. Also a cool way to wear them is under something a little sheer or Lacey, and of course anything low back. I always put detailing in the back of each piece so it can become part of your low back outfit. 

5. Which is your fave piece from your collection right now? And why?

My favourite would be hands down the Elizabeth set, it’s great for the peek a boo lace detailing I mentioned above, looks cool under any top. Plus its comfy, super sturdy and because its lined with nude mesh it looks sheer, but actually isn’t. So I feel a little risqué even though its not. And I chose the set over the bralette on its own because my lingerie must always be matching! Makes me feel more confident, and because I’m a little obsessive compulsive of course.  

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