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Whether you are hosting the Christmas dinner or attending, it’s the family event of the year where all the relatives catch up and you want to look your best. 

We love the High Waist D.I.W.O Pro in Black for this special event and for good reason!

It’ll help keep you cool, because the fabric is intelligently designed to move heat from inside, out, so you can carry on keeping calm with all the excitement of the day!

Made from a Rhodia Polyamide, which we like to call Smart Yarn, the DNA of this patented new to world fabric contains bioactive minerals to beautify your skin with wear! The minerals will work to make your skin beautiful the more you wear them. Your skin will become smoother, skin surface imperfections vanish and even see a significant reduction in cellulite!

Yes, even CELLULITE! We know it sounds almost too good to be true, but we’ve put these to the test ourselves and been overjoyed with the results. It is no coincidence that our D.I.W.O.® PRO fashion pants are one of our best sellers!

So pop on a nice heel, wedge or flat to go with your outfit of the day and be sure to let your hair down as you spend the day with those you consider family and friends.

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