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Body Type Guide: Picking Low Rise Pants That Compliment You


Low rise pants are back. But before you bring that old school flair to your wardrobe, it’s important to understand how to look good in low rise jeans. A great place to start is to work with your body shape and find something that suits your unique attributes. Let’s take a closer look:

What Are Low Rise Pants?

Those of us who were around in the early 2000s will remember the low rise jeans of icons like Christina Aguilera and Keira Knightley. This cut sits below the waist, hugging the hips and creating the impression of a lower waistline and a longer torso. 

How To Look Good In Low Rise Jeans

Low waisted jeans can work for women of all sorts of body shapes and fashion styles. Examples from brands like Freddy work just as well with curves as the classic slim figure - the key is to find the best jeans style for your body type. Worn with a crop top or singlet, low rise jeans can show off some abs, while a straight leg style can also work well for a more low-key, relaxed look with sneakers. 

The Different Types Of Bodies For Low Rise Pants

Every woman is different and there’s no perfect body when it comes to low rise jeans. Understanding your body shape and its unique traits, though, can be a great way to figure out how to approach the low rise style and how to build outfits that feel comfortable and look fabulous. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the body types and the typical characteristics of each.


The Straight Body Type

Sometimes referred to as the supermodel or rectangular shape, straight body types generally have the same measurement for shoulders, bust, and waist. Low waist pants tend to work well with this body type, sitting easily on the waist whether you’re looking for that Y2k skinny jeans look or a more contemporary straight leg fit. This body type can create a bit of drama and shape by contrasting volumes between pants and tops, such as skinny low rise jeans with a more shapely jacket, or low waist flare jeans with a fitted top.


Inverted Triangle Body Type

If your shoulders taper into narrow hips (often with long or slim legs), you most likely have an inverted triangle body type. This shape is a natural friend of figure-hugging low rise pants which will sit easily on slim hips and below a slender waist. One style idea for inverted triangle shapes is to match a flattering pair of low rise skinny jeans with a top that accentuates your upper body, such as a crop top or singlet.


Top Hourglass Body Type

A classic body shape, hourglass types are characterised by well-defined curves. Hourglass shapes have slightly rounded shoulders and shapely buttocks that cinch into a narrow waist. Those with this body shape may not immediately think of low rise pants but your small waist is easily accentuated by jeans sitting low on the hips. Low rise Freddy jeans and leggings leave plenty of space for your natural curves to shine and can be a great match with a well-fitting top.


Skinny Body Type

Skinny body types are characterised by being, well, skinny. Those in this category will have few curves, instead having hips and shoulders in perfect alignment. When you think back to the golden era of low rise jeans in the 2000s, skinny body types are often what comes to mind. Whether you’re looking for a classic slim-fit style or something more contemporary like low rise bootcut jeans, this body shape can make it work.


Body Types That Should Be Cautious With Low-Rise Pants

Every woman and every body shape is different and unique. Some body types might naturally suit low rise jeans more than others, but it’s always down to individual style, taste, and what makes you feel comfortable. 

That being said, there are a couple of shapes that should typically (but not always) approach low rise pants with a little caution: pear and hourglass shapes. Both of these shapes can have accentuated thighs and buttocks and, particularly when coupled with long waists, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in low rise pants. However, those with these body types and shorter waists can often pull off the look easily. Remember, a great look is all about how you feel.


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