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Mom Life: Embrace Your Body Before, During AND after Pregnancy

As a new mom, finding the perfect fitting pants has been a rollercoaster ride. From those first weeks before being 100% sure I was expecting, through the first trimester, up to the gruelling last few weeks… it was a big deal being comfy AND still feeling like myself a bit! And then, of course, post-baby. I love having my young daughter with me at all times, rolling around on our play-mat or carrying her to the shops. Luckily, Freddy’s WR.UP range has been an absolute lifesaver throughout. 


Why are Freddy pants THE most comfortable pants I’ve worn throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey? With their cult-famous stretchy fabric technology to the amazing fit, they’ve been a life changer!

I can definitely say I’ve found the PERFECT pants for moms-to-be and new moms alike… Here are some of my absolute favourites and why I love them.

Freddy’s maternity range can be worn throughout your pregnancy


Easily style your Freddy maternity pants

One of the best things about loving Freddy pants was that I never needed to hit the shops looking for anything else! Thanks to their super flexible fabric, I kept wearing my Freddy WR.UP Denim pants (my go-to pair before I knew I was pregnant) well into my first trimester.

As my belly got bigger, I was thinking I’d have to change to ugly sweatpants and call it a day… but I started wearing low-rise jeans that were making me look a LOT better than I felt! I practically lived in this low-rise 7/8 length pair despite it being hot out. They just went great with everything in my wardrobe, too. 

25 weeks in, my mom bought me a “proper” maternity pair. Other than the special waistband, I loved that these pants were sexy and flattering despite being a maternity pair. You could only really tell they were maternity pants if I wore a shorter top showing the waistband. They were kind to my bump AND my curves overall, and I even got compliments on how great my legs were looking in them.

I’m feeling and looking great as a new mom, too!


One of the things I was most afraid of was those few weeks right after giving birth. You know when all you can see is post-baby celebrities’ booties looking tighter and fitter than before they were moms?

I thought I’d hate going out and having to find clothes that fit. But here again, Freddy Pants have been amazing. For my first day out with my little one, I didn't have to think about what would look good on me, I jumped back into my super stretchy high waisted WR.UP Denim pair and my belly was immediately supported. 

With their stretchy fabric, my trusted Freddy pair lets me squat and pick up my daughter as often as I want, and I don’t get that uncomfortable suffocating feeling that regular stiff denim jeans can cause. Plus, they hug my body in all the right places, lift my bum and make it pop just enough to help me feel sexy… AND - most importantly - they are SUPER comfy.

How to pick YOUR Freddy’s Maternity pants



If I had to give any advice to expectant moms and post-baby ladies looking to feel confident and comfy at the same time, here are some things I wish someone had told me:

  • Look for a variation on your favourite pair of denim for your first trimester. If you already wear a nice mid-rise pair like the WR.UP Denim, you’ll probably be comfortable well into your 12th week and beyond as a mom-to-be.
  • As you get bigger, move to a “proper” maternity pair that holds you in all the right places and you’ll be surprised at how stylish and sexy you’ll still look.  
  • Opt for high waisted jeans once the baby comes, so you’re comfortable and find it easy to move around and keep up with the little one.

Having a baby is one of life’s most exciting and nail-biting adventures, so you’ll want to rely on good-quality, comfortable clothing to see you through. While still working and for all my errands, I never worried about leaving the house looking frumpy or feeling uncomfortable in my Freddy Pants… and nor should you! 

Ultimately, wearing the most comfortable pants that move with your body will keep you confident and in great shape throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Embrace your body’s changes and enjoy this unique time in your life to the fullest and remember to record it all, so you can look back and smile at those wonderful memories. 

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