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The hottest colors trending in Fall 2020

It's been a different type of summer this year but one thing that hasn't changed, it was seriously HOT AF. The seasons are changing finally, but you can still look smokin' in the hottest, straight off the runway colors this fall. These are our top Freddy picks, guaranteed to keep you on trend this season and longer!

Red, red wine

The best thing about cooler weather is it's red wine season! Matching your outfit to your drink is always a vibe. Our WR.UP Fashion Burgundy  pants are the perfect pants this fall, and they come in different fabrics and rises. Just like red wine, this color look better with time and age AND you can be paired up perfectly with anything. 

Freddy WR.UP Fashion Mid Rise Burgundy Pants on @oceanastrachan

Navy, baby!

You'll be feeling blue in an ultra cool way in our WR.UP Denim and WR.UP Fashion Navy pants this fall. Automatically adds sophistication to all the floral and crops you've been wearing all summer. Pair up with some tan sandals or white sneakers (basically anything but black) and there you have it - the most put together yet effortless look this fall.

Freddy WR.UP Denim Mid Rise Dark Blue + Blue Stitching on @estherfit

50 Shades of Grey

We all love a lounge, grey melange because let's be honest. It's the color of Quarantine 2020. Up level your outfit and opt for a moodier, more sophistcated and darker shades of grey this fall. Whatever you were wearing with your beloved grey sweatpants, you can turn into the most chic outfit with our WR.UP Fashion Dark Grey Pants.


Freddy WR.UP Fashion High Waisted in Dark Grey on @emileehembrow

Black is back...? 

Look, we're not going to try to make black "back" all of the sudden. Let's not pretend black hasn't ALWAYS been in and goes with everything. If you don't have a pair of our WR.UP Fashion Black pants already, it's never too late, no matter what season you're in. It's time to take your black pants to the next level in these and never look back.

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