Freddy Shorts

Call them hot shorts or booty shorts, our Freddy Shorts are the ultimate shorts for women as they highlight and accentuate their derriere with an unparalleled fit.

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For women’s shorts that provide a perky look, you’re in the right spot. Our range of Freddy WR.UP® Shorts has options that’ll become your booty’s best friend. Thanks to the WR.UP® Fashion Shaping Effect, our range of shorts never fails to give women the boost of confidence they need.

They feel like the dreamiest bike shorts women can imagine, but look like denim or Lurex shorts. They’re so unbelievably comfy, you’ll never want to take them off! 

Thanks to the fabric blends that prioritize stretch and comfort, they’ll move with you and won’t fall down - not even an inch. Go about your day with nothing stopping you in Freddy’s WR.UP® shorts. 

Our Lurex shorts give a ‘leather bike shorts look’ that’s incredibly fashion-forward, and like our denim shorts, they’re super versatile. Dress them up or down or however you like for nights out on the town or cozy afternoons on the couch. 

Jean shorts and leather-look bike shorts for women are must-haves in summer, and our denim shorts are favored for their breathability and comfort, even in the warmest weather. With mid-rise and high-waist styles in different lengths and colors, there’s something here for everyone. Shop the booty shorts women are raving about.

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