Tus nuevos pantalones favoritos vienen con estas características patentadas de WR.UP

cintura antideslizante

Se moverá con tu cintura

Tejido ajustado a la forma

Se moverá y flexionará contigo pase lo que pase


Te apoyará y abrazará para moldearte.

Tejido transpirable

Use más, lave menos

tela tan suave

Nunca querrás quitártelos

"They match with everything and flatter your legs unbelievably. I always get compliments when I wear them and the best part is they are super comfortable and a dream to wear."

Elise N

“Absolutely love them, they are so comfortable and fit perfectly”

Kelly M

“I was pleasantly surprised the jeans fitted me perfectly & my usually normal butt was transformed into a booty.”


“OMG these are my first pair of Freddy jeans & it won't be my last. Just amazing how well they emphasise your lower body & butt (in a nice way) & they are super comfy”

Jodi T

“This is my 4th pair of freddys. Absolutely love them !!! Since buying my first pair i have not bought any other brand. Love them sooo much and will definitely be buying more”

Caitlyn C

“No pair of pants will ever be as comfortable as these pants. They look amazing and the compliments just don’t stop coming!”

Rebecca H

“My bottom has never looked so good!”

Beverly D

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N.O.W® Denim - High Waisted - Full Length - Dark Blue + Yellow Stitching - Freddy USA N.O.W® Denim - High Waisted - Full Length - Dark Blue + Yellow Stitching - Freddy USA NOW® Denim Cintura alta Largo completo $159 USD

“The colour is amazing and as usual, so comfy and flattering. I've had many comments and even had random girls in a bar ask if I was wearing Freddys. I told them to go get some - it'll be the best purchase they make!! Haha These are my second pair and definitely not my last ♡”


“The best fit and make me feel fabulous! I now have 2 pairs of the same, so comfortable and a go to wardrobe essential”

Victoria T

“They fit all your curves in the right places and make your butt look amazing. Thank you Freddy, they are my wardrobe staple!”

Elsise N

“They're the best pants I've ever worn! Once you have your first pair, you'll for sure want more!”

Karina S

“These pants live up to the hype! They are soft and comfortable as well as look great for a night out! Wearing these pants not only do I feel confident but also sexy as well! I am glad that I decided to try these. Excited for the next pair of pants!”

Ally S

“Very good quality, I now understand the hype of them. They are as great as everyone says they are”

Shawna P

“I don't think I will ever wear any other brand! This cut is so flattering no matter your shape or size, they are so comfortable! So many compliments every time I wear them.”

Carla M

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