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What is Freddy WR.UP?

Freddy WR.UP is patented technology designed to lift, boost and support you in all the right places. Watch this video to learn more about why over 6 million people have made the switch to Freddy.

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We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about Freddy pants to help you find your best fit in the comfort of your own home confidently.

How to put Freddy pants on.

Freddy pants are a little bit different, this is how we recommend putting them on to keep them in perfect condition.

Are my Freddy pants sitting correctly?

Go about your day confidently knowing you’ve got your Freddy pants on correctly and looking fabulous with these hot tips.

How do I know if I have the right size?

Check your Freddy pants for these telltale signs to see if sizing is not quite right.

What’s the difference between full length and 7/8 length?

With two great lengths to choose from, we’ve broken it down for you to find what works best for your height and the look you want to achieve.

What’s the difference between low, mid and high waist?

We know finding the perfect waist fit is important, so we’ve made this guide to show the key differences between our three classic fits.

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