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Are these the comfiest denim shorts in the world?

As the weather gets warmer, traditionally you'd want to pull out your old, go-to denim shorts.
Remember the ones with the mysterious extra frays and rips that are looking worse for wear,  the "worn in" material that has stretched out of shape, and the ones that hug your waist a bit too tight with no room to move on a hot balmy day?
No thank you  :-1:
It's time to get your hot girl summer on, 2020 style :sunny:

 This summer is going to be different for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason is for you, you need support, comfort, flexibility and you can find that in the new Freddy WR.UP Shorts 👍

This ultra-comfortable range of shorts feature our signature breathable wearability fabrics because, summer's hot, our mid-rise features our iconic silicone waistband to ensure you'll never have to pull them up, and of course they've all got our WR.UP technology to shape you in all the right places. Say hello to your new go-to denim shorts 👖

Feel forever comfortable no matter what you're doing this summer.
They are made for isolating at home, long drives, walks on the beach, and everything in between 🏖️  
Made from 20% elastane and 80% jersey cotton, it's a guarantee you'll never want to take them off regardless. It almost feels like you are wearing, nothing at all 👙

In 9 different styles and colors, do yourself a favor and find the perfect pair that will have your back (and your booty) this summer - because life's too short to wear uncomfortable shorts.



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