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Calling All Petite Women! I’ve Found the PERFECT Pants That Were Designed Just for Us!

Petite women have it tough: we’re often forgotten by designers of fashionable pants, or end up having to shop in the kids’ and teens’ aisle. And how many times have you found the dream pair of pants, only to need alterations to get them to suit your frame? While hemming can make your pants shorter, the fit is never quite as good and sometimes you even lose some design features like rips and zippers.

What’s the solution for petite women looking for fashionable and comfortable pants? Look no further, Freddy WR.UP ® ⅞ length pants are here to change your life! 

I’ve found the PERFECT pants for petites: comfortable, accentuating all the right parts of your body, showing off your curves while also looking classy or trendy depending on the setting, and lightweight and easy to pack away for travel. What else could you want from a pair of pants? 



Read on to see what petites need to look for in their perfect pants and why the Freddy ⅞ collection ticks all the boxes.

How to shop for pants as a petite woman

In the US, petite sizes are designed for women of height around 5"3 and below. However, most brands concentrate their efforts on creating attractive clothing for their standard size, from 5"3  up. Very often, the same looks just aren’t available in petite, and many brands don’t even feature petite sizes at all.

But the shortness of your pants isn’t all that makes a petite design fit better. Good petite clothing needs to take into account the particular features of your figure: from smaller buttons to different patterns, getting petite right is just not for everyone.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for petite pants:

  • Check that the design allows you to move comfortably – often, petite pants are simply shorter, but don’t account for various waist and hip sizes, making them too tight.
  • Don’t be confused by “short” vs. “petite” sizes, especially for denim. Regular-size jeans can be too long for shorter ladies, often requiring additional tailoring that still doesn’t offer a flattering fit. Short pants are just that: shorter. The overall design, stitching and detailing doesn’t get adjusted to fit a petite frame.
  • Look for styles that visually elongate your legs. Slim or skinny jeans are great for smaller body types, often with a low or mid-rise waist height which accentuates their legs. The same goes for dress pants: look for slim cuts to make your legs look elongated and sexy, especially in heels.
  • Shop for your body shape. You’ll have heard of apple, pear, or hourglass figures. These define – to a certain extent – how your clothes will fit on your body. Knowing how to dress for your body shape can make it a lot easier to find the right styles for you. 

Why Freddy WR.UP ® ⅞ styles are the perfect pants for petites

With all that in mind, what makes the Freddy ⅞ length collection the PERFECT pants if you’re a petite and looking for that reliably flattering fit?

Made from 80% jersey cotton and 20% elastane, Freddy’s WR.UP ® line has a bespoke petite collection that is amazingly comfortable and sexy at the same time. These pants are not only designed to fit your body just right, they also want to bring out your best assets and ensure you always look and feel your best. Choose from denim, faux leather, awesome shorts, and tailored styles to wow everyone in the room. 

Here’s why these are the perfect petite pants:

They’re unbelievably comfortable

Go for Freddy WR.UP ® pants and you’ll never look back. Thanks to the jersey cotton fabric technology, these pants feel incredibly soft, while the elastane keeps them stretchy.

They hug your body where it wants to be hugged

No more wearing what looks like hand-me-downs with a hemmed bottom. The strategic stitching on WR.UP ® jeans accentuates all your curves. Your pants will also stay exactly where you want them to, thanks to the signature silicone waistband on all low and mid rise styles. The high-waisted pants are intentionally designed to hug your waist, so you don’t have to keep adjusting them as you go about your day.

Show off your best curves

Petites shopping for reliably comfortable pants are spoiled for choice with Freddy. From classical denim styles to special effect fabrics such as the cult-fave, vegan faux leather styles, these designs will make sure you stand out while feeling your absolute best. 

Exceptionally versatile – from work to the bar!

One of the worst parts of dressing as a petite are the boxy, unflattering designs for workwear. Try from a range of different Freddy WR.UP ® pants that are perfect for the office. Say goodbye to stiff, crease-prone office wear and enjoy flattering, comfortable pants that are designed to have people asking where you got them from. You can easily pair it with a button-down shirt and suit jacket for an effortlessly classy day-to-night look. 

Wearing sexy and practical clothing as a petite woman doesn’t have to be hard. By using the most premium materials and strategic design that takes into consideration the ultimate fit for petite bodies, Freddy pants will suit you in any setting. Check out the store and pick up your favourite pants today. 


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