About Freddy About Freddy

We've been around for a while, since 1976! 
Born in Italy, we’ve crossed the oceans to reach the USA, and your booty.

We’ve met everyone from girl bosses and gym junkies, to donut lovers and beauty queens. Learning from all the bodies, butts and beauties we could find, to create the perfect fit for you and your busy life. Now we’re here, ready and waiting for you to find us; your perfect fit!


Freddy has been synonymous with sportswear and fashion for over 40 years with a passion focused on the art of movement. This passion translates into style without compromising on comfort. The company, founded in 1976 by Carlo Freddi, established itself as a leading manufacturer of professional footwear for dance and gymnastics, and over the years has become a phenomenon linked not only to the world of professional sport, but also to lifestyle.

Today, Freddy continues to breathe life into products which combine technical requirements, comfort and attention to current style trends, with a perfect sense of balance. In 2012, WR.UP pants were born making Freddy a worldwide label that has since become an addiction for many women due to it's extreme comfort and style.


Think of Freddy’s as your booty’s best friend! A combination of Italian design, strategic stitching, stretchy fabrics and ultra-light silicone to shape, smooth and accentuate your booty - aka Freddy the most comfortable pants to wear!

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