Booty Jeans: Patented Butt Lifting & Shaping Jeggings (Denim Effect Pants)

WR.UP® Original Booty Pants

Our original, patented butt lifting pant.

Shapely Perks
Our customized ultralight and comfy silicone will shape your hips and waist, and sculpt your booty—giving you a push-up effect, whether you need it or you want it.

Smooth Ride
Using unique materials, clever stitching and firm panels, our original Italian-designed shaping pants will smooth your curves, soften your silhouette, and move with your body, so you won’t just ride in style—you’ll ride in comfort, too.

They Lift, and They Stay in Place!
Our panels and stitching are designed to lift, support and streamline your curves. With extra silicone membrane stitched into the waistband, they’ll shape your waistline and keep your pants in place, no matter your moves.

Discover Your Style
Our booty jeans come in a variety of colors, washes, lengths and details, so you’ll be able to find at least one pair to suit your body and your style!